Beam is a distribution/marketing hybrid that partner with American manufacturers to take their products to market through exclusive distribution deals. Beam use the trademark they create and own, at no cost to the manufacturer, to market and sell the products they distribute. The company's success is based entirely on the success of the brands they create for the products they distribute. Owning a product's brand and not its patent, creates an accountable 50/50 relationship between Beam and their manufacturing partners. Now that's accountability!



Beam's first completely exclusive brand is MuzzleShot, a tactical shot glass. Anthony Kondeati was tasked with turning this $35 shot glass, styled after the flash hider for the M16A2 family of weapons, machined out of a single block of billet heat-treated aluminium and made in Virginia, into a world-famous brand. Today, MuzzleShot is fast becoming to shot glasses what Zippo is to lighters – embraced as an icon and symbol by audiences who support military culture.